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Food & Beverage Innovation Insights: Improving Nutrition in the U.S. Food Supply

Opportunities from an FDA Perspective

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Innovation in regulated industries like food & beverage is especially complex. Dr. Susan Mayne explores the role of the FDA and how food and beverage manufactures can work with the FDA to build a safer, healthier food supply for the future.

The average American’s daily food intake is very different from the Food and Drug Administration’s dietary recommendations for healthy eating patterns. The FDA is only one entity working towards a healthier population and the food and beverage industry also has a significant role to play.

In this video, Dr. Susan Mayne explores the role of the FDA and how food and beverage manufactures can work with the FDA to build a safer, healthier food supply for the future.

Many of the foods the FDA encourages consumers to eat more of are at the highest food safety risk due to their “ready-to-eat” nature. Therefore, a commitment to safety in food production is critical to promoting proper nutrition.

Guidelines such as the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) are there to help food manufacturers decrease the safety risks for these foods.

Labeling is another tool that the FDA and food and beverage manufacturers can use to promote transparency in the industry. It can help with industry transformation towards a healthier food supply. Definitions are an important piece and it is crucial to reevaluate definitions as the science changes to keep them relevant and appropriate.

Working together to educate consumers on relevant definitions and ingredient labelling will help promote both trust in food and beverage manufacturers and healthier eating patterns for consumers.

The FDA is committed to partnering with the food and beverage industry to promote innovation by having an open dialogue. Open communication and feedback about how guidelines and regulations affect innovation will allow the FDA and food and beverage manufacturers to work together to improve the food supply and prevent regulation from inhibiting innovation.

Originally published on October 17th, 2016

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