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Enabling Agents of Change: Key Takeaways from the Oracle Value Chain Summit

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This year’s Oracle Value Chain Summit was the largest yet, with over 2100 supply chain professionals gathering to learn about the latest industry trends and share best practices, case studies, and insights. Now it’s time to reflect, analyze the learnings and craft a plan to enable business transformation within your organization.

This year’s theme was “Agents of Change”. Rapidly changing markets and the explosion of data cause information technology, solutions, and people to constantly evolve. Our key takeaways are centered on some of the hottest technologies and how executives can use them to enable change.

To the Cloud and Beyond

Cloud computing has grown from a $77 billion market in 2010 to an estimated $210 billion in 2016.  Many current enterprise systems are moving to the cloud – for Oracle users this includes Agile 9 and PLM for Process. With this trend, the traditional model of buying user licenses and installing in-house product lifecycle management (PLM) applications will become a thing of the past.

The time to experiment and learn has come. Instead of traditional concerns around product data security in the cloud, the discussion has shifted to leading practices for enabling cloud solutions to maximize benefits.

There are multiple cloud technologies to consider when developing a strategy.

Public Cloud

A suite of solutions with a single integrated product record across the entire product value chain from innovation to design to commercialization. Organizations should implement these powerful solutions in phases beginning with the components that will deliver highest business results in the shortest period of time.

Private Cloud

A service offering that allows companies to deploy PLM applications in a private hosted environment with subscription-based (SaaS) pricing. This model allows customers to leverage industry expertise and gain greater piece of mind around security so they can focus on core business objectives rather than technical operations.

Hybrid Environment

While companies are trying to figure out which model is best for them and how to take advantage of the cloud, they can operate in a hybrid environment – keep the business running with existing applications, but run pilots with select business groups or capabilities. This allows companies to learn more while they define a strategy to transition all PLM solutions to the cloud as well as take advantage of new enhancements and build more robust product value solutions along the way.

Practical Innovation Management

Although not a new topic, the discussions are transitioning from hypothetical to very practical. Even though many companies identify product innovation as a strategic priority, they continue to struggle with maximizing the return on their innovation investment. Innovation Management helps increase revenue growth from innovation by enabling a systematic approach to capturing, selecting and investing in the right ideas and products. We saw more companies with specific goals and roadmaps for how they will enable it, and this is extremely encouraging.

Internet of Things

There was a lot of discussion around how products will incorporate internet connectivity and how organizations can best utilize this technology to improve operations and make processes more efficient. Business leaders understand that IoT represents a huge business opportunity and a massive disruptive technology. The excitement around this innovation is tempered by the uncertainty about what it takes to be an early adopter in a market. Companies should proceed in a way that balances the desire to be at the head of the pack with the need to show real business value.

Learn More

Download Kalypso’s presentations to learn more about our take on innovation transformation and how we can all get ready for what’s next. (password OVCS)

Emily Adams, Director at Kalypso and Sharon Liput, Sr. Project Manager at PPG spoke about “Enabling Pipeline Visibility & Global Product Development with Agile PLM for Process” at PPG. The session discussed how this global organization enforced a standard set of business processes to enable portfolio management across 11 business units while providing the necessary freedom and autonomy for unique product development practices.

George Young, CEO of Kalypso spoke on “Building a Successful Innovation Transformation Roadmap”, which discussed utilizing PLM capabilities beyond the product data record and incorporating change management to improve the value of their innovation efforts. Brian Beams, CIO of Pharmavite, co-presented and gave his take on applying these principles in practice at his organization.

Prashant Jagarlapudi, Sr. Manager at Kalypso presented on “Operational Excellence Through an Integrated Product Value Chain”.  This presentation highlighted the product data management hurdles organizations face as they grow, and how to overcome them.

What was your experience at the Oracle Value Chain Summit? What changes will you drive at your organization as a result?  

Originally published on February 12th, 2015

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