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Consumer Innovation Shout Out: Green Giant Enabling More Fresh Veggie Consumption

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I need to eat more vegetables. My family needs to eat more vegetables. In fact, research for years has consistently shown that the majority of us are saying that including more vegetables in our diet is one of our top goals. But there are only so many times I can eat a salad with a different dressing, or add spinach to my smoothie in the morning.

Thanks to Green Giant Fresh (the “fresh” branch of the iconic brand) now I can have fresh Vegetable noodles & Vegetable crumbles. At a recent conference, their CEO shared some of the challenges they faced when trying to take these innovations to market that I think we can all learn from. 

Question the process - Vegetables can wither and decay very quickly (visible within 3-5 days) once they are cut, making fresh vegetables difficult to distribute en mass. Green Giant Fresh reviewed their cutting to consumer process and discovered they could change the cleaning, cutting and processing steps to increase shelf life by 100%. 

Innovate the mundane - Green Giant Fresh discovered that the cutting and dicing process also affects durability. By changing the techniques used they were also able to extend shelf life by several days. 

Now, Green Giant Fresh can grow, package and sell fresh products that have 3x the shelf life, making distribution and more innovation possible. I would write more, but I’m craving some veggies right now. 


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Originally published on September 26th, 2018

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