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Al Meyers

Al is a Business Development Executive with Kalypso.

Retail Innovation Shout-Out Blog Consumer Innovation Shout Out: Feed Me Pronto Reinventing the Convenience Store

Feed Me Pronto is here to fix the problem of current unhealthy convenience store options, expensive health food offerings and a fragmented food industry that typically entails healthy grab-and-go as a secondary focus. Founder, Morgan Pieper, wants to put the convenience back into the convenience store, and she is going to do just that with the launch of the first Feed Me Pronto location in Dallas, Texas.

Retail Innovation Shout-Out Blog Retail Innovation Shout Out: Xenio…giving retail stores a better way to serve customers

For years, eCommerce retailers have had real time data about who is on their site, what they are looking at, for how long, what they buy, etc. Brick and Mortar stores not being able to access this data is where Xenio saw a market opportunity to offer real-time customer visibility, analytics and dashboards to optimize the guest experience and the design and merchandising of physical locations.

Collaboration, Sustainability and 3D: PI Apparel Event Debrief

Disruption in the retail industry is at an all-time high and technologies that are entering the space are changing the way retailers and brands do business. The message at PI Apparel inn LA was, “collaborate or die” suggesting that the only way to succeed in today’s changing landscape is to work together as retailers, manufactures, and suppliers. How will RFA companies respond? Here are some of our key takeaways from the event.

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