Viewpoints on Innovation

Viewpoints on Innovation is a comprehensive resource for business leaders seeking to improve results from innovation.

Since our resources are created for innovation practitioners, by innovation practitioners, we offer pragmatic, actionable advice based on real-world experiences and leading practices.

About Us

Through a deep partnership with Kalypso, a global innovation consulting firm, we offer objective, pragmatic advice based on real-world experiences and leading practices.

Write for Us

We publish well-researched, smartly written resources that provoke, inform, and entertain. We welcome many writing styles, and are particularly drawn to articles, videos and visual pieces with a strong point of view and a clear personal voice.

Contributors must be practitioners, working in the field of innovation or product development. Contributors are not compensated.

Our readers are senior level executives with the ultimate responsibility for innovation within an organization. We target the Chief Innovation Officer, CEO, business unit GM, VP of R&D, VP of Marketing/Brand, and the PLM Program Manager.

We target the following industries: Consumer Goods, High Tech, Industrial Manufacturing, Medical Device, Pharmaceuticals, and Retail. 

All content MUST be non-commercial in nature. 

For more information on how to contribute, please contact us.

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