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Viewpoints about 'Regulatory Compliance'

Advancements in Regulatory Compliance Capabilities for PLM Show Promise

Keeping in line with ever-changing regulatory initiatives such as RoHS, WEEE or (FDA) 21 CFR Part 820 can be a daunting task, particularly for manufacturers operating in multiple markets or with large numbers of product variants. Not only do regulations have the potential to derail a new product midway through development, but the consequences for non-compliance are often severe, ranging from hefty fines and brand deterioration to litigation and/or license revocation.

Increased Regulatory Scrutiny in Consumer Products

Over the last several years, consumer product safety crises - from peanut butter to spinach to toys - and their subsequent large-scale recalls have damaged public opinion. Heavily scrutinized and publicized in the media, these events have not only hurt consumer trust in household brands but have affected all consumer goods companies by ricochet. Incidentally, these major recalls have also created momentum for governments to act, catalyzing and accelerating regulatory scrutiny of industries across the globe.

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