The Life of a Double Intern

Finding balance between Disney and Kalypso


Leading the double life of a full time management intern at Walt Disney World and a virtual marketing intern with Kalypso makes me dread the question, “What do you do?” After my long-winded answer, I am usually asked how I manage both jobs and a life. In the beginning, it was easier to focus on both internships rather than manage my time and find balance. This approach worked for a few months and then the bags under my eyes permanently settled in. Once my Cast Members started asking why I looked like I hadn’t slept in days, I knew something had to change.

So, I sat down and looked at what I had to work with. I usually get scheduled about 45 hours a week at Disney and I have between 6-15 hours of work responsibilities with Kalypso. Nothing I can’t manage. I’ve handled more with no problems before - so what gives? To figure it out, I tracked everything I did for a day and how long each task took so it was clear where all the time went.  

The results were dismal. Hours were wasted on buses to get to work, waiting in line for expensive coffee, or driving an extra 20 minutes to the nearest fast food restaurant rather than cooking. I also noticed that I rarely allotted time for relaxation or free time. To fix this, I implemented the following steps to conquer the bags under my eyes:

  • Use my time wisely. All of it. I’m a virtual intern so I can be working on the bus, or in a line. I can also cook my meals instead of driving out of my way for fast food.
  • Set established goals to accomplish for the day in order of priority.
  • Don’t open a book, Netflix, Facebook, or any shopping website until those goals have been accomplished for the day.
  • Ask my leaders and peers for assistance when I need it rather than overwhelming myself.
  • Allocate an entire day a week where I am not allowed to work on anything Kalypso or Disney related.

I haven’t been asked if I’m getting enough sleep lately, so something must be working!

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Kelsey Harmon

Kelsey Harmon

Kelsey is a marketing specialist with Kalypso. She loves the flying trapeze, travelling, and building sand castles. 
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