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Helping children from the Karamojong tribe in Namatala, Uganda


I dedicate a lot of time and treasures to I Choose You Ministries. It’s a non-profit organization that sends children from the Karamojong tribe in Namatala, Uganda to school.

I Choose You was started by my college roommate after a trip to Africa. After seeing her passion for these children and their families, it started to rub off on me. I traveled to Africa the summer after I graduated from college and had my heart stolen by the Karamojong children.

They were thankful to go to school because it was the one hot meal they received each day. They were thankful because it kept them from getting “beaten with a stick”, as Musa, an I Choose You child, told me. I now help I Choose You by continuing to support those that have the opportunity to go to Africa each summer to meet the kids and their families.

I am currently working to organize a benefit in my hometown and rally people together to send these precious “chosen” children to school!

Learn more about this great organization at http://ichooseyou.net/

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