Jessica Kornberg-Wall is a Character with Character

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I was found on a remote planet many years ago, raised by expat Yankees in Sugar Land, Texas and have spent the last decade in Austin. As a young child, my life goals were to be tall and become an astronaut. Unfortunately, I topped out at 5’2” and do not like air travel. I managed veterinary hospitals for 12 years before going to college and getting a degree in Psychology at Texas State University. To avoid looking at my student loan balance, I am halfway through a master’s in Organization Development. My other hobbies and interests include (but are not limited to): weird media on the internet, board games, video games, tabletop games, cross stitching, knitting, my dogs, my cats, dinosaurs, T-Rex and his tiny arms, Legos, killing plants, weight lifting, wood working, home improvement projects, science fiction and finding new and expensive ways to enjoy these things.

If you were to create a soundtrack for your life, what would be the first song you’d pick?

The Rockafeller Skank by Fatboy Slim.

No one really knows what it’s about, it’s all over the place, goes on forever, and is a blast to dance to.

At any given moment, what’s in your refrigerator?

A variety of craft beer, a box of wine, a lot of cheese, Diet Coke, and chocolate almond milk for my coffee. Running out of any of these items calls for a red alert - all hands must report to battle stations immediately.

What is your favorite thing about yourself?

My resourcefulness. I excel when I’m given a pile of resources and told to accomplish something with them in a short amount of time. Also, my T-Rex art collection.

What is your most embarrassing moment?

I was presenting a project at an organization development conference last year and tripped on my way to the podium. They had already turned my mic on and everyone heard me curse very loudly. When I realized that everyone had heard me, I said a more inappropriate curse word and then hoped for an asteroid to hit the planet so no one would ever know about this. Oh wait…

When was a time you did something you thought was impossible?

If you described my life today to me a few years ago when I was just starting college, I would not have believed you. But earlier this year, I conquered the odds - I somehow watched the last two seasons of Deep Space Nine and now I can proudly say that I have seen every single episode of Star Trek. I’m a champion.

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