How Kalypso Led Me to Oprah

My journey as a Kalypso marketing intern


I just finished my second amazing year as a Kalypso marketing intern. As a timid sophomore, I was nervous when I first approached Jenna Dudevoir (Kalypso’s Global VP of Marketing) after she gave a lecture at my school. I mean, I was an English major - what did I know about marketing? Well, it turns out I had some talent to offer Kalypso that I wasn’t even aware of. My first day on the job Amy Kenly asked me what I’d like to do, then she gave me some ideas and one struck my fancy: I could help Kalypso manage their social media accounts. I had a Facebook and a Twitter, so I thought, why not?

Fast-forward through junior year: I was helping manage Kalypso’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, something I never imagined would be part of a marketing internship. I also learned to evaluate social media analytics and researched the best ways to use social media for Kalypso’s marketing needs. This experience helped me land a position as director of social media for the Boston College branch of Her Campus.

With the experience and confidence I gained working at Kalypso, I went on to be a social media intern at O! Magazine. You’ve got that right; O as in Oprah. Turns out the experience I received at Kalypso was exactly the kind of experience I needed for the job! Hard work over the summer paid off and I did in fact get to meet Oprah!

As senior year rolled around, I knew I’d love to work for Kalypso again. Luckily, they said they’d be thrilled to have me and, looking back, I couldn’t be happier with my two-year relationship with the firm.

Some amazing things about working with Kalypso:

  • I got to work with the coolest people from all around the country! On the daily, I got to talk to Reagan who’s in Texas, Amy who was in New Hampshire and just moved to Texas, and Jenna who’s right here in Boston - all without leaving my dorm!
  • Seeing as Kalypsonians are experts in everything from retail to aviation, I learned a heck of a lot about a lot of things!
  • Kalypso gave me the chance to spread my wings and gain deep experience in everything from editing articles, managing social media accounts, and creating my own content (shout-out to The Kalypsonian!)
  • Bonus - While my friends froze on the T in this New England winter, I got to stay toasty and warm in my dorm!

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Katherine Valentino

Katherine Valentino

Katherine is a freelance content marketing specialist at Kalypso and has been with Kalypso since 2013, starting as a marketing intern. 
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