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Finding the right people through inorganic growth


In the early years of Kalypso, growing the business was relatively easy. It is not hard to double in size year after year when the base is small and you have a large network of friends and colleagues to recruit into the firm. As the business grew and we quickly exhausted our primary and secondary networks, it was time to focus on deliberately creating an attractive home for talent.

Passion for personal development is one of the core values of the firm. Making that real meant hiring people that genuinely care about the success of their colleagues. And since we believe in the development of the whole person, not just the consulting side, we settled on “Characters with character” as our diversity statement. We think that interesting people are more fun to work with and foster a healthy lack of respect for hierarchy and positional authority. We hired against this profile and the organization developed like magic.

These values became the basis for a unique culture that is attractive to professionals looking for a platform for personal and professional growth. A strong “culture of candor” ensures that everyone is working on getting better all the time. We knew that this plan was working as the firm passed the one hundred consultant mark a few years ago.

What we didn’t anticipate was that the firm would also become an attractive home for groups of professionals and other consulting organizations. In the past six months we have welcomed two new firms into the Kalypso family, Integware and DataSquare. Their motivations for joining the team were quite similar; they were very good at what they did, but were undersized to meet the demands of their client base. Faced with scaling on their own or joining forces with Kalypso, they chose to merge their operations into ours.

Keeping up rates of growth in the 30 to 40% per year range is now much more difficult. The demand is there, but the base is now too large and the pace of hiring too rapid to keep up. So we intend to continue to supplement our basic recruiting processes with an inorganic growth strategy aimed at providing a good home to groups of extraordinary professionals that are looking for a fun, flexible and rewarding work environment to build a career.

The Kalypso Difference is based on people. There are good business models, good cultures and good people. We think we have all three – and a growing number of individuals and organizations agree. Our plan is to continue to be an attractive home for talent whether it shows up on campus, out of industry, from a competitor, or as a part of another firm that wants to join the fun. Growth creates opportunity for growth, both organically and inorganically. 

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