Greg Adkins is a Character With Character

...because interesting people are more fun to work with


I was raised in the hills of Eastern Kentucky, the son of a coal miner (my mom) and a liquor still operator (my dad - I think).  I’m a graduate of the Kentucky public school system (49th rated in the country thanks to Mississippi), including the award-winning University of Kentucky where I was an equine studies major (e.g. betting on horse racing at Keeneland and the Red Mile) and entertainment minor (e.g. Pi Kappa Alpha, Two Keys, 801 South, Spring Break in Lauderdale and Daytona).  I cut grass and worked at a local public pool to make money and was a solid student (easy to accomplish in a place where many of the other students were also named Adkins and the offspring of siblings or cousins).  After five years of undergraduate education and one year of work at IBM, I decided to matriculate at the University of North Carolina to pursue an MBA and re-live my undergraduate days.  While all of the other MBA students worked the summer between their first and second years at Goldman, Wachovia, or P&G, I hung out on Manhattan Beach in Southern California with some good friends perfecting my tan and volleyball serve.  I explained to recruiters the next year that I spent that summer “finding myself.”  I enjoy being a Kalypsonian and contributing to the diverse culture of the firm in my small way.

Who are your favorite writers?

Bill O’Reilly (fair and balanced so I stay informed) and Paul Krugman (comic relief when I’m down).

When and where were you happiest?

When I’m with Cory.

What is your current state of mind?

Generally at peace with the world and my surroundings.

If you were a big game animal, which big game animal would you be and why?

Python, because I love greeting friends and family with a hug.

What was the last movie you cried in?

Talladega Nights. The dinner table scene reminded me of my youth. I was highly disappointed when it didn’t win the Academy Award for Best Picture.


Greg is a partner. Hiring Characters with Character is one of Kalypso's core values - click here to learn more about our values and firm culture.

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Greg Adkins

Greg Adkins

Greg has 30 years of experience in innovation, product development, product and portfolio management, and PLM and digital technologies. He has deep expertise in the management of large scale, business transformation programs that deliver significant and sustainable results.
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Reagan Pugh

Reagan likes to watch, read and tell stories. He often wishes he was Batman - you know, grappling hooks.
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