Giving Thanks Through Haiku

17 syllables of gratitude from the Kalypso family


Kirk Meadows

Thanksgiving comes and

I overeat, then football.

Thank the Lord for Tums!


Scott Siegel

Though not a great band,

“What a lucky man he was”

lyric says it all.


Bill Poston

Gratitude and pride

Progeny all around me

I fight swelling tears


Prem Chandrasekaran

November at last,

No more election ads! Wait…

Christmas ad cycle.


Traci Stapleton

It all looked so great

With all the food on my plate

Asleep on the couch


Jenna Dudevoir

Thirty-three years old

Place card at the kids' table

Sigh, millennials


George Young

Give thanks every day

Not just when there's a turkey

And you'll be happy


Megan Creason

First, you eat turkey

Then, sample every pie

Last, hide leftovers


Jamie Lahiere

As cold fronts blow through

The white girl cravings kick in

Pumpkin spice lattes


Mike Mood

Stuffed with turkey

Family plops on the couch

Football therapy


Kasey Durbin

Gobble, gobble, gob

Gobble, gobble, gobble, gob

Were the bird's last words


Lauren Craig

Thanksgiving this week

Stuffing you with stuffing

Time for your fat pants


Steve Hurst

Mom’s hitting the sauce

Not cranberry, the Russian kind

Oh, unconditional love


Reagan Pugh

I don’t like okra

I don’t like stuffing either

Still at kids' table


Vesy Ivanova

Sitting on the couch

Old lady sitting beside me

Might be related


Amy Kenly

“Mommy what’s that thing?”

“It’s a raw turkey, honey.”

“Can I have hot dogs?”

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