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Congrats on your promotion to partner! How’s the partner life treating you?

No different than the senior manager life, I’m just no longer allowed to say I’m on the beach. (Haha)

What was the very first thought/emotion that popped into your mind when you found out you were being promoted to partner?

“Wow… I can’t believe it’s finally happening!” It was kind of like the old Sports Illustrated commercial, I felt the “thrill of victory” but a little twinge of the fear of “agony of defeat.” This quickly reverted to a great feeling of appreciation.

What does being a partner mean to you?

It means I am officially an owner of the business. This is a serious event, a big career move. I’m investing in the future of myself and family, my colleagues and Kalypso. I’m putting money where my mouth is and making a big move forward in my consulting career.

Tell us what your path to partner has looked like?

My path to partner was a little different than others. I worked in industry first, then I went into consulting, and then I went back to industry thinking it was what I loved most. Coming into Kalypso, I knew it would take a combination of this experience to sell and develop new business, mentor people, and deliver innovation results transformation. It was a culmination of my resume truly coming together. I came in knowing what I wanted to do, where I needed to go, and how to make it happen.

What areas do you plan to focus on as Partner?

My goal is to solidify the base of Kalypso's life sciences and medical device practices.

I have a good track record of doing great work in the medical device industry so I want to work with other partners to grow that into a sustainable industry that has a strong base of resources and a growing portfolio of exciting projects with great clients.

What is your favorite Kalypso value?

Characters with character. I left my previous consulting life because I didn’t see myself growing or being nurtured in that culture. Personality is part of the reason I am good at consulting; I like to develop relationships. What makes people successful is being genuine and being allowed to be yourself. Kalypso values this, and that makes what I do more enjoyable.

What makes you come alive?

It’s a combination of living in different places, loving the outdoors, and seeing a great opportunity (or great view) and going after it with energy.

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Cathi Crist

Cathi has over 20 years of engineering, product development, operations management and consulting experience across multiple industries with an emphasis in life sciences.
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Jamie Lahiere

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