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There is nothing I like more than wearing matching outfits and thinking I can finish people’s sentences. But let me tell you this: older sisters, parents, and boyfriends (for the most part) do not like to wear the same t-shirt as you. My mom is a welder, my dad an architect, my sister a planner, and I am a middle school mathlete. I am one of four people in my extended family not self-employed. Entrepreneurial spirit runs in my blood. But, after watching every episode of The Office during college, I decided that my life will not be complete until I find a Jim, Pam and Michael of my own (and win the whitest sneakers award)! I have a habit of delivering homemade confections in professional packaging to see if I can trick the recipients into thinking I bought it. As for my future, I was born to be an old lady, and am well on my way. I love baking, sewing, and keeping everything “just-in-case” or for “sentimental value”, and already avoid restaurants that are too loud. Here’s to 85 and counting!

If you were to create a soundtrack for your life, what would be the first song you’d pick?

I’ve always had an unexplainable affinity for Pat Benatar. I saw this play in college called Everyone Who Looks Like You, which was put on by a theatre group who decided to live together for several months to see what kind of crazy dysfunctional family-type performance they could come up with. Needless to say, the result was pure genius, and included a lot of lip-syncing to miss Pat. It goes without saying that it is my favorite play. Most days I wish I’d been an actor in it so I’d have a reason to be humming We Belong all the time.

At any given moment, what’s in your refrigerator?

It is ALWAYS jam packed, but rarely anything that can be eaten. I have a habit of cooking for an army, but with only one roommate, and a distaste for leftovers, it is hardly a practical approach. I’m also on a Jell-O kick. Apparently Jell-O has something to do with skin elasticity and helps heal muscles quickly. EVERYONE—you should be eating tons of Jell-O! Recipe: 4 cups of your favorite fruit juice + 4 packets of gelatin = 1 large pan of vaguely beneficial wiggly goodness.

What is your favorite thing about yourself?

I identified more with Pepper Anne as a kid than I’d like to divulge (matching hairdo), and have always hated how thick and straw like my hair is. BUT! It is pretty much guaranteed that I will never be bald.

What is your most embarrassing moment?

Dear Reagan, I would never answer that question for the entire internet to uncover, I have a reputation to uphold!

When was a time you did something you thought was impossible?

I had a dream once, probably a decade ago, that I could do the splits. When I woke up the next morning I jumped straight out of bed to try it. Still not possible.

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