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A look behind the scenes of Kalypso's video storytelling initiative


Starting with a new organization can always offer a potent combination of excitement and anxiety. This is especially true when you join a virtual firm while living in a city where none of your colleagues live (St. Louis). Fortunately for me, right after I started with Kalypso, I was invited to participate in an Innovation Results Transformation thoughtware symposium in Dana Point, California. We had a great time and, more importantly, created some great thoughtware content. I thought it would be fun to share a few highlights from behind the scenes. Be sure to check out our YouTube page to see some of the videos we produced!

The Best Best Western

Even average hotel chains have nice hotels in Dana Point. Not only did my room have a view of the Pacific Ocean…

…but it was also right above the tsunami evacuation line. So in the event of a major meteor impact or earthquake just off the coast, we were all set (Helayne must have worked in risk management at some point).

It's Hot Under the Bright Lights

For many people, getting in front of cameras and bright lights is an experience that makes them sweat. Our film shoot was no exception, but even the most veteran interviewees were feeling the heat - that’s because in order to keep it quiet, we had to keep the AC turned off! 

So while the mid-to-upper 80’s outside was great for walking along the beach, it turned a potentially sweat-inducing task into one that guaranteed you’d soak through your undershirt. This led to a number of workarounds, including my personal favorite: wearing shorts and sandals with my button-down. Business on the top, party on the bottom.

In Constant Search of B Roll

Even when the work was put aside in favor of relaxing with a cold beverage, our hard-working film crew seemingly always had a camera around to capture B roll moments. For instance, while yours truly was snapping selfies…

 …our video intern, Ryan, was still manning the camera looking for that perfect shot.

Reagan Pugh and Chuck Norris Are Related

Both from Texas: check. Both always provide a calming influence to colleagues in distress: check. Neither of them seem to sleep, they just wait: definite check! One night, I only got four hours sleep and was seriously hurting, whereas Reagan powered through 18+ hours of planning, filming, supporting, and more than a little socializing every day we were there. I guess I know one of my development areas as I close out the year!

The Videos Turned Out Great

Take a look at the output!

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