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I‘ve always lived in Mexico and have never traveled off of the continent. But in a few months, I’d like to come back to read this and not have that sentence apply to me. I’m passionate about all forms of communication, art, video, photography and music. I like trying new things and getting out of my comfort zone. I think we should always be taking risks – this is good for both physical and mental health. I would love to become an expert in design and branding. I love dancing. I always want to push myself to be better; whether it be in work or in play, I believe a good life is all about innovation!

What is your current state of mind?

Optimistic. Every day I believe the best is about to happen.

List three things you would grab if your home were on fire.

  • Molly, my adorable dog
  • My GoPro camera
  • My rollerblades

What’s your other thing? Not your main thing, you are probably already pretty great at that.

Creativity. My Halloween costumes are the perfect example of this. They’re so good that I’ve won awards the last two years running. One was for an Avatar costume with awesome blue makeup; the next year I went as a Queen playing card with amazing accessories.

If you could be in the movie of your choice, which movie would you choose and what character would you play?

I would play Mary Poppins because she has the best attitude toward life. And, she never has to clean! She just snaps her fingers and the cleaning gets done for her. She is full of magic, animals love her and EVERYHTING fits inside her purse!

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Going to college, working a part time job and maintaining a busy dancing schedule - all at the same time. 

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Alejandra Corona

Alejandra Corona

Alejandra is an experienced professional focused on the effective flow of information by innovating in creative communication. She participated in the formulation of strategic plans for marketing campaigns and is now supporting Kalypso in the operations team over at the Monterrey offices.
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Reagan Pugh

Reagan Pugh

Reagan likes to watch, read and tell stories. He often wishes he was Batman - you know, grappling hooks.
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