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The Project Management Podcast Episode 216: Using Agile for Consumer Goods Development

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Matt Priest was invited to join Cornelius Ficht, host of PM Podcast, to discuss how the agile software development process applies to new product development in the consumer goods industry. Listen to the interview below and follow it up by reading the complementary Viewpoint Agile Development Models for Consumer Goods - Not Just for Software Anymore.

From the PM Podcast website:

In 2001, seventeen software developers met at a ski resort in Snowbird, Utah. They all faced the same problem: the need for an alternative to the slow moving, waterfall approach to improve their software development projects and the “agile” model for software development was born.

So, how does this innovation apply to new product development in the consumer goods industry? The benefits of the agile software development process - increased speed-to-market, reduced costs, enhanced focus, and minimized wasted time in development - apply to any development organization, whether the end result is a consumer product or software application. These gains are especially important in today’s economic climate where development budgets are constrained, competition is fierce, and expectations from both senior leaders and consumers have greatly increased.

To explore how to best do this I invited Matt Priest ( onto the program and give us his insights on the topic. He’ll not only answer all my questions but also introduce us to the three simple Agile principles that we should be using when developing new consumer goods, which are:

  • engage the consumer early
  • collaborate iteratively throughout the development process
  • institute a closed-loop learning process

Originally published on July 3rd, 2012

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