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The Learning Curve of Successful Projects

Search, share and reapply lessons to improve odds of in-market success

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With shorter innovation life cycles and increased pressure to accelerate product launch dates, new product development teams are challenged by narrow timelines that reduce the opportunity to learn from prior launches. The result is a repeat of past mistakes and missed opportunities to gather valuable input to solve innovation challenges.

Teams who take the time to Search out previous work, Share critical lessons learned with their teams and Reapply those lessons to improve project plans have greater odds of in-market success. 

Let us help you find the power in your past so you can push forward to success.

Originally published on October 29th, 2014

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Scott Gamble

Scott Gamble

Scott brings 20 years of professional experience and a breadth of expertise in business strategy, product innovation and brand management to Kalypso's clients. He manages client projects in the Consumer Packaged Goods and Process Manufacturing Industries.
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