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Saluting Innovation at PonyUp Technologies for forever changing the way equine health is managed. PonyUp’s innovative products allow everyone in the equestrian world, including veterinarians, breeders, trainers, competitors, and owners, to closely and precisely monitor the health and wellbeing of their horses. Universal ease of access to this information provides cost savings and a competitive advantage.

VetCheq® is a portable, noninvasive, autonomous device that generates continuous, real-time health monitoring. Pre and post exercise/competition reports provide insights that help to optimize performance. The device also changes the way you monitor your horses’ medications. VetCheq® allows you to see when drugs take effect, how long they last, and when re-dosing is needed.

These products can be used where they are needed, can send data to anyone with the need to know, and can interface with other systems to make life better for both horses and their handlers.

Aside from unprecedented data collection from the horse, these products can also help prevent injuries to riders. By monitoring the horse’s vitals, a rider can assess their horse’s anxiety level and avoid bolting.   

PonyUp has made equine vitals data reporting easier and more effective than ever. Whether it's performance over time or indicators such as stress level, owners and trainers can monitor their horses in a non-invasive way like never before. 

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Originally published on June 23rd, 2016

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