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Saluting Innovation @ BitBite

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Saluting innovation at BitBite for creating the first wearable weight loss device that addresses the “how” of eating right instead of the “what.” Nutritionists at BitBite, lead by Dr. David L. Katz, developed a device that fits in your ear and collects data about your personal eating habits while providing real time recommendations and reminders to help you become healthier.

As an added bonus, BitBite doubles as a blue tooth headset. By telling the device what you eat, it will create a daily log of your caloric intake and frequency. Based on this consumption record, BitBite proactively helps users break bad eating habits using sound analysis and pattern recognition algorithms. Don’t get enough calcium? BitBite will recommend a yogurt. Consistently snacking before bed? BitBite will recommend fruit earlier in the night to keep you full. We salute BitBite for creating a personal nutritionist that fits in your pocket and is always on call. 

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Originally published on March 4th, 2015

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