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Retail Innovation Shout Out: Target’s Curated Selection of Technology Products


Target continually improves upon their ability to provide consumers with a “one-stop” shopping experience. Earlier this summer, in just such an effort, Target launched a collaboration with the team at Wired Media, featuring an in-store display of the top consumer electronics and gadgets designed to simplify and enhance the consumer experience in music, personal fitness, and photography. The decision to collaborate with an industry expert allows Target guests to shop easily and conveniently and adds credibility to the product recommendations given by the Wired team.

The Wired Editor’s Picks for Target features 11 items, with the in-store display and highlighting unique features and categorizing how the items can be used. The assortment was chosen based on the latest technologies that deliver maximum quality, value, and fun to Target guests. For those consumers who may be hesitant in buying new consumer electronics, Wired has made the purchasing decision easier by supplying information on how to use these innovative products. As such, Target and Wired are empowering more than the “early adopter” consumers, making this partnership unique amongst the industry.

This exclusive partnership is aligned with both Target and Wired’s common commitment to great design, and makes Target a go-to technology source amongst a sea of electronic companies. With Target always innovating to bring consumers the best, we see just one more reason to spend at the big red bull’s eye.

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Originally published on July 24th, 2013

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