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Retail Innovation Shout Out: Romualdo Caters to New Generation in High-Fashion Menswear


In today’s fashion world it’s all about convenience and instant gratification. Many consumers are what the industry calls “impulse buyers” leaving classic haberdasheries – that provide personal tailoring services – struggling for business. High-end tailor and menswear retailer, Romualdo, has seen the effects of the shift to “fast fashion” on their sales trends, yet has managed to drive growth by expanding their offering to cater to this market. To meet the demands of a younger consumer, Romualdo is partnering with men’s lifestyle label Artfully Disheveled. This co-branded line will offer a broader (and lower) range of price point items to appeal to the consumer who is more interested in using fine clothing as a fashion statement versus the timeless pieces of decades past.  

Other tactics to cater to today’s more casually dressed consumer include the introduction of affordable wedding suits as an alternative to similarly priced tuxedo rentals. At the other end of the spectrum, traditional clients are demanding more personalized service, so Romauldo has introduced additional services designed to satisfy their affluent customers.

By innovatively updating their offerings to keep up with a changing (and broadening) consumer spectrum in the world of fast fashion, Romualdo has avoided the obsolesce faced by other men’s fine clothing retailers. This strategy will bring in new clients, while still focusing on the classic tailoring skills that the brand is known for. Who says an old dog can’t learn new tricks?

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Originally published on July 5th, 2013

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