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Retail Innovation Shout Out: Pants that Charge your Cell Phone


Successful innovation starts with a problem. Smart phones + not staying in one place for very long = the dying phone! I travel weekly, and I usually have two electronic chargers that can charge through a USB or a car charger. I always have my phone on me, and it’s always on syncing my email and calendar as messages come through. I’m also always wearing pants (or a skirt, or a dress) regardless of my deep south travel in the summer months. Lucky for me and my smart phone addicted/not staying in one place for very long lifestyle, there's now hope for something that could keep my phone charged wherever I go and without another cord or object.

British fashion designer, Adrien Sauvage, has collaborated with Microsoft to develop a men’s trouser with the capability of charging a phone from the front pocket. The designer prioritized the aesthetic of the trouser, rather than prioritizing the technology, promising the customer that the product will deliver on style as well as function.

The trouser will be sold through Amazon, and will retail for over $340. With such a price point, the fact that it will be a 'dry clean only' pant should not inhibit sales. And while a 'dry clean only' $340 pant will not appeal to the masses, it certainly does point the way to further innovation in wearable technology. 


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Originally published on July 10th, 2014

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