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Retail Innovation Shout Out: Nordstrom Brings Pinterest to Brick and Mortar


Those of you familiar with Pinterest know that click-to-buy seems easy enough, but what if you prefer to touch and feel? This rapidly growing social application can be an effective tool for retailers to put their products in front of millions of consumers, but converting consumers from inspiration to purchase can be challenging. 

To combat this limitation and capitalize on the power of its four million Pinterest followers, Nordstrom is taking Pinterest from virtual to reality by marking top-pinned items in shoes, accessories, clothes and home products with the Pinterest "P" logo in 13 of their brick and mortar stores. Not only does this move demonstrate that the upscale fashion retailer is listening to what their consumers are sharing on the web, but it also marks an innovative way to bring the power of the online consumer voice to physical products. Pinners and non-pinners alike who visit the store will be influenced to purchase based on online consumer responses. 

Still yet to be seen is how this can help Nordstrom, commonly known for its impeccable customer service, better understand both their online and offline customers’ wants and needs, and translate that understanding into financial results. Can Pinterest votes help to forecast sales in store? While questions continue to loom around how best to use Pinterest in general, retailers who continue to innovate with the application may gain a first mover advantage.

By focusing on what the customer has to say, and crossing the boundaries between online and in-store, Nordstrom is innovating the customer experience and harnessing the power of the consumer voice. Customers are speaking out via social media every second; the right listening strategy could mean the difference between “pins” and profit.

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Originally published on July 31st, 2013

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