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Retail Innovation Shout-Out: Lacoste Uses Augmented Reality for New Mobile App


Lacoste, the French sportswear brand, has launched a new mobile app that allows users to virtually try on a variety of shoes using augmented reality (AR). Partnering with Engine Creative, an innovation agency, the app combines both 3D product scanning and AR.  The goal of the app is to create a more efficient in-store experience, minimizing the time it takes to try on different shoes and wait for store assistants.

In order to use the app, users place their foot on an in-store floor graphic to scan their foot image to their smartphone. The app then displays the shoes you desire on your feet and provides product details. You have the ability to purchase the shoes right from your smartphone as well as share images via social media.

The shopper experience at Lacoste is also an example of Internet of Things, immediately connecting shoppers to products within store via their smart phones.  Will retailers start gathering customer data from their mobile apps to drive insights?

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Originally published on August 20th, 2014

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Molly MacNeil

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