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Retail Innovation Shout Out: Jockey Introduces the First Revamp to Bra Sizing in 80 Years!


Eighty years ago, construction of the Golden Gate Bridge began, Newsweek magazine was published for the first time, and the current bra sizing system was introduced. While the Golden Gate Bridge is still fulfilling its intended purpose, bra sizing has needed a total overhaul for some time. With 75% of women reporting that they have a hard time finding a bra that fits and 85% reportedly wearing the wrong size, the opportunity for improvement was wide open. 

Last month, marking the culmination of eight years of research and development, Jockey introduced the first revamp in bra sizing in eight decades. The sizing system is based on 3-D volumetrics, rather than 2-D measurements, and promises to deliver a near custom fit. Rather than relying on the two traditional body circumference measurements, the Volumetric Fit System from Jockey offers women a bra fit kit that consists of 10 volumetric fit cup sizes and a measuring band for the under-bust measurement. While the traditional 2-D measurement system relies on the difference in measurement between the fullest part of the bust and the measurement at the band circumference, the 3-D volumetric system will offer closer customization due to cup size and shape. 

If the Golden Gate Bridge only held up 75% of the time, or 85% of Newsweek’s stories were wrong, engineers and editors would be taken to task immediately. Jockey’s innovation in bra sizing could not come soon enough, but their dedicated time to research and development demonstrates a true commitment to their customers and a dedication to the perfect fit.  

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Originally published on July 29th, 2013

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