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Retail Innovation Shout Out: Innovative Sizing Tools Reduce E-tail Fit Risk


As someone who travels weekly, I love online shopping. I’m careful with my purchases - checking size charts and product reviews, and most often referencing like styles from the same brands that I have in my closet. If an item doesn’t fit and needs to be returned, I am frustrated and left feeling that I should make time to visit a dressing room once in a while.

Enter sizing innovation.

Sizing tools draw from consumer-input data such as height, weight, and sizes of items they already own to make recommendations for best-fitting product options. One tool, Virtusize (offered by ASOS and, asks consumers to input garment measurements from their favorite garments. Another tool, True Fit (used by Nordstrom, Belk, and Gilt), uses favorite garment measurements, combined with customer fit preferences and body type perception, to make recommendations on the styles and sizes that would be the most flattering. ShoeFitr works with over 40 companies, including Nordstrom and Saucony, and relies on customer’s current shoe brand, style, and size of choice to make recommendations.

Not surprisingly, results indicate that customers are more likely to purchase brands they haven’t purchased previously when using these innovative sizing tools for online purchases. Online conversion rates are much higher than average for e-commerce sites that offer such tools. Virtusize reports a twenty percent conversion rate, compared to an average e-commerce rate in the low single digits. ShoeFitr reports a twenty percent reduction to returns.

Higher conversion rates? Reduced returns? Increased customer confidence and satisfaction?… As if I needed another reason to shop online!

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Originally published on January 22nd, 2014

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