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Retail Innovation Shout Out: Birchbox Partners with Suits


In e-commerce, monthly subscription-based business models have boomed over the last few years and continue to grow quickly. For successful retailers, this model can offer a potentially constant and predictable revenue stream. For consumers, it’s an exciting way to get a new box of snacks, shoes, or makeup on a regular basis – like a surprising yourself with a gift every month.

But in order to get consumers to sign on, you must first build a brand that they want to participate in. How can consumers be sure that what you send will be something they like? Further, in a subscription market that’s been flooded lately with a wealth of new players, how do companies stand out?

Birchbox, a first mover to the subscription-based model, is using media tie-ins to keep customers interested in and connected to the products they deliver. This month, Birchbox will send subscribers a box filled with products related to USA Network’s ‘Suits’. The boxes are set to arrive on doorsteps just as ‘Suits’ kicks off its third season, and thus is meant to be a dual promotion, for Birchbox and the show. This type of innovative co-branding is not new to Birchbox, who last year did a successful TV integration with CW’s ‘Gossip Girl’. The company is reportedly looking to expand the use of this strategy as well by partnering with motion pictures in the future.

In a newly crowded market, it’s an innovative way for Birchbox to capture the attention – and hopefully loyalty – of today’s trendy shopper, and capitalize on another brand’s hype to gain relevancy with consumers.

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Originally published on July 10th, 2013

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