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R&D Management Framework


Kalypso's R&D Management Framework provides concrete steps to improve return on R&D investment, identify improvement areas and develop appropriate solutions needed to deliver on the promise of innovation as well as on the demands of today.

Research and Development leaders face many challenges as pressure to maximize return on R&D investment escalates. R&D leadership is confronted with a balancing act of delivering on the demands of today while maintaining resource allocation to realize R&D’s innovation objectives. They must meet ever-increasing goals and improve speed to market while resources flatline, demonstrate value and alignment with the business, and ensure the highest regulatory and compliance standards.

Kalypso’s R&D Management Framework provides a strategic cross-functional approach that identifies and integrates critical management functions, processes, alliances, tools, and metrics that are crucial to developing an R&D organization that cultivates success and delivers expectations.  The R&D Framework proportionally develops nine key dimensions of R&D excellence with balanced strategic and organizational alignment.

Originally published on June 10th, 2009

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