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Rapid Results: Just Another PLM Implementation Methodology? No Way - Here’s Why

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After nearly eight years of product lifecycle management (PLM) deployments across various vertical markets, a firm can learn a lot. Putting that experience and knowledge to use, this week we launched the next generation of Rapid Results, our business benefits-driven PLM implementation methodology.

Is this just another PLM implementation methodology, like the dozens of others out there? Our Rapid Results team leaders Daniela Ilieva and Richard Mizuno say "no way" - and here's why.

1. Ok, guys. What is Rapid Results?

Daniela: Rapid Results is Kalypso’s proven and leading practice-based methodology for implementing PLM applications.  We call it Rapid Results because it has been explicitly engineered to help our clients begin realizing business benefits from their PLM programs more quickly, while simultaneously managing the risks of a major business change program. We just launched the second generation of Rapid Results this week.

2. Why did Kalypso develop this next evolution of Rapid Results? What changed?

Richard: Since Kalypso was founded, we have successfully completed almost eight years' worth of PLM implementations across a variety of industries and across all leading PLM platforms.  So first and foremost, we wanted to make sure we captured all of these experiences, lessons and insights, and used them to improve the next generation of PLM implementations.

We also wanted to reflect some practical realities of a PLM program’s lifecycle.  One key reality is that there can be any number of entry points to a PLM implementation program, so we modified the front end of Rapid Results to allow for different project launch points.  For example, some projects start with a PLM needs assessment, others don’t; some clients already have a PLM application in place, others don’t - and so forth. 

Daniela: Yes, and another reality we wanted to reflect is that the PLM journey really starts with go-live.  Many organizations believe go-live is the end, but in reality, it’s the launch point for having the capability to effectively manage products and product data over their entire lifecycle.  This requires having continuous improvement and governance processes in place to enhance and extend these new capabilities so they don’t stagnate and die.

Richard: Lastly, we wanted to take the opportunity to re-platform Rapid Results technically to allow for easier and faster distribution of the most up-to-date version and its embedded accelerators and tools.  In fact, we are looking into making Rapid Results available on demand to the public via our website so anyone can have access to the same version we use on our projects.

3. You mention that Rapid Results is not just another implementation methodology. Why is that?

Daniela: There are several ways Rapid Results differs from other PLM implementation methodologies, and really, how Kalypso differs from other PLM implementers.  Three of the most important differences are:

  1. The relentless pursuit of results is THE underlying theme.  This is at the core of what we do and is the reason clients engage Kalypso - to achieve lasting business results.
  2. We also fully embrace an iterative and rapid prototyping approach to solution design.  Iterative and rapid prototyping are recognized best practices in the new product development field and apply equally well to the design of PLM solutions.  We have found that this approach is superior in its ability to handle changing or unknown business requirements and is better suited to providing consistent engagement with the end user community during the design phase. 
  3. Rapid Results explicitly recognizes how the project work itself can facilitate user adoption.  Historically, user adoption has been assumed to be synonymous with end user training;  occasionally, there is a person or team charted with change management as well.  While formal training and organizational change management processes are critically important, we have also found that core project activities, such as solution design, testing, and deployment, can be performed in a manner that enhances the user adoption process.

4. What industries are best suited for Rapid Results?

Richard: Rapid Results applies equally well across industries and, like Kalypso itself, is software independent.  Rapid Results has helped our clients achieve lasting business results in industries as diverse as consumer packaged goods, life sciences, automotive, manufacturing, food and beverage, and high tech.

5. How would you explain Rapid Results to your family members/friends who are not in the industry?

Daniela: Rapid Results is the “cookbook for cooks” for a Kalypso PLM implementation team.  Just as a cookbook guides an experienced cook in putting together a successful meal, Rapid Results guides our teams in leading successful PLM implementations.  The methodology contains a series of work modules that are organized by thread and phase, just as recipes in a cookbook are organized by type of dish and course.

6. If Rapid Results was a ride at Disneyworld, which one would it be? Why?

Richard: Good question!  Whatever it is, it’s definitely an E ticket ride.  One possible analogy is the new Star Tours Star Wars ride.  Much as you can ride Star Tours several times and not see the same scenario twice, no two PLM implementations are exactly alike and they all pose interesting challenges.  But despite the wild ride, you know you’ll arrive at your destination safely.  We hope Rapid Results is like The Force - always with you and delivering you safely.

To see what all the excitement is about, download our Rapid Results PDF. The Rapid Results team can also be reached directly at

Originally published on March 29th, 2012

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