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Product Leadership transforms your organization and product development approach to achieve product superiority by delivering innovative products that meet ever-evolving customer needs.

In the race to become a leader in today’s highly competitive marketplace, the challenge for companies is to consistently deliver products that consumers want ahead of the competition. While many companies rely upon traditional operating models such as Customer Intimacy or Operational Excellence, an alternative strategy with a focus on superior products has emerged called Product Leadership.

Companies striving to be market leaders adopt Product Leadership to consistently deliver superior products to consumers, differentiate from the competition, increase channel opportunities, and drive revenue growth. While processes have matured and approaches and tools are now available to make the transformation to Product Leadership, it can still be complex and overwhelming.

Because the transformation can be arduous, Kalypso’s Product Leadership Transformation model is designed to ease the complexity by helping clients develop products that win with customers, achieve profitable product innovation, and separate from the competition.

Originally published on October 25th, 2008

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