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My Personal 2013 Christmas Innovation Wish List


I live and breathe innovation everyday as I navigate the consumer marketplace and serve clients, so I often find myself thinking of innovative product ideas, including ideas that would benefit me directly.  What better time to share my wish list than at Christmas? So here it is, my personal 2013 Christmas Innovation Wish List:

  • Allen Edmonds/UGG – My feet are always cold, especially in the winter when I travel for client assignments in northern locations. Once my feet get cold, I seem to get chilled to the bone throughout my entire body. I have been known to complain about my cold feet quite often. I would be ecstatic to see Allen Edmonds and UGG join up to develop a superior dress shoe with a high quality, warm wool lining. I would then be less likely to annoy my family and colleagues about my cold feet. I am sure they would be grateful.
  • Nike – Outside of work, I live in my Nike Dry Fit ankle athletic socks. They are comfortable and let my feet breathe. They are great for working out, family activities and for general casual dressing with shorts. I have been known to also wear them underneath my dress socks during work for many of the same reasons. Why doesn’t Nike develop a line of stylish dress socks using the Dry Fit material for use with business casual and business attire? I would be very grateful to have the same level of comfort while I am in my work uniform as I have on the weekends.
  • Under Armour – How about a hospital gown made of Heat Gear material developed by Under Armour for those of us that are over 50 and have to do occasional, preventive outpatient procedures? Don’t make us suffer with the wimpy colored, decorated hospital gowns that exist in every healthcare provider today. Give us something we can feel good about. Better yet, put our doctors in Under Armour, too. I want my doctors to look and feel like they are ready for the big game when they are giving me the once over.
  • Quaker – I’m addicted to Quaker Oatmeal Squares – especially the brown sugar flavor – as a snack food.  I graze on these oat snacks throughout the day when I am working from my home office or home on the weekend. Unfortunately, it is not convenient to carry a cereal box around when I am on the go for work or for family activities. It would be great if the folks at Quaker could develop a snack size version of the Oatmeal Squares that I can stuff in my briefcase or backpack for various snack occasions. Better yet, give me a wider variety of flavor combinations in clever packaging so that I can snack on the go.
  • The New Hostess – As a kid, I loved Hostess’ line up of cake based snacks – Ho Hos, Twinkies and Ding Dongs.  So it was great to see recently that the Hostess brand survived extinction and is back on the shelf again. I have to admit, I had not snacked on any of these products for decades. However, this relatively recent news got me to thinking: Hostess should introduce a super-premium line of these products with high quality, fresh ingredients with a short shelf life. My daughter, Claire, took it a step further, suggesting a line extension into super-premium carrot cake, red velvet cake and German chocolate cake snacks. If we are willing to pay five dollars for a cup of super-premium coffee, then we would certainly be willing to pay premium price for a high quality snacking indulgence.

I hope my wish list somehow comes true. In the meantime, I think I am going to start a new wish list for next year.

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Originally published on December 3rd, 2013

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