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Consumer Innovation Shout Out: ThreeKit Revolutionizes the Digital Shopping Experience

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With a deep heritage in Hollywood’s movie industry, ThreeKit’s founder created 3D and special effects software used in more than 100 movies. Now, retailers and brands can leverage that same Hollywood-quality interactive graphics to enhance shoppers’ experiences.

ThreeKit creates, edits, optimizes and displays visual content for use on the web, as well as for e-commerce, AR, VR and at trade shows using tutorials and assembly instructions. I recently spoke with their Marketing Manager Deana Ward about the company’s latest tools and solutions.

Their 3D product configurator allows shoppers to interact with products online as they would in store, and even lets them visualize how a new table might fit and look in their own living room via their phone. The ThreeKit Platform creates web-optimized assets so buyers can engage with products from any device. 3D supercharges e-commerce through immersive visualization. Beyond its ability to configure various styles, colors, textures, and components, it can also provide dynamic pricing for chosen configurations.

Customers like furniture retailers don’t have to stage product photo shoots in a studio. ThreeKit’s ability to transform 2D renderings into 3D renderings and store on a single digital platform allows for easy access and fast downloads.

The results: ThreeKit increases web conversion rates, grows average transaction values, and reduces returns. The company reports a significant impact on several critical retail metrics: a 40% improvement on conversion rates; a 20% improvement on average sale price; an 80% reduction in returns; and a 40% reduction in order errors.

ThreeKit's commitment to 3D is another example of companies pushing the boundaries of innovation.  

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Originally published on June 14th, 2019

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