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Between the Gates: Practical Tips for New Product Development

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Like a rugby scrum, new product development works best when participants bind together to move towards the same goal. Gated processes should clarify team roles and help companies meet innovation expectations. This practical guide will help companies understand what’s really needed to plan, monitor, and successfully execute product development projects. In other words, practical tips for what happens “between the gates”.

Gated development processes have been around for over 25 years now and I rarely come across a company these days that does not have some form of a gated process in place. A gate review process, when well implemented, allows leadership to evaluate projects from a business perspective at critical junctures, leaving day-to-day project execution to an accountable project team.

Then why are so many of these same companies falling short of their innovation goals?

Kalypso conducted a study of 30 companies across multiple industries and found that, while all claimed to have a gate review process in place, few went very far beyond a list of phase objectives and deliverables. Their project teams lacked sufficient guidance and tools needed to plan, monitor, and successfully execute product development projects. They were missing the “how”. In other words, guidance on what happens “between the gates”.

Originally published on February 2nd, 2015

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Noel Sobelman

Noel Sobelman

For the past 25 years Noel has worked extensively in the areas of innovation strategy, product development, portfolio management, product commercialization, and the software systems that enable innovation. His industry background includes experience with high technology, life sciences, consumer packaged goods, industrial, and renewable energy companies. He is a frequent speaker, researcher, and writer on innovation effectiveness, disruptive innovation, and time-to-market reduction. 
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