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Does Retail Innovation Deserve a Failing Grade? 2015 Back to School FINdex Results


Overall, the Fall 2015 FINdex points to a lackluster back to school season for many retailers. Here’s what we think retailers should know.

The Fashion Innovation Index — called the “FINdex” — is based on a survey conducted in the spring, summer, back to school and holiday seasons. The FINdex results help retailers better track and understand consumer sentiment toward the innovativeness of merchandise from season to season, and more quickly identify and adopt emerging fashion trends.

Based on the most recent FINdex survey results, survey respondents still have ample dollars to spend relative to prior surveys, but they have had less incentive to actually part with these dollars for this most recent back to school season. 

While the respondents actually showed an uptick in enthusiasm for merchandise they see on line and in the stores, they are not motivated enough to shop early for this merchandise. Despite the respondents’ enthusiasm for the back to school merchandise, they were underwhelmed by the level of innovation demonstrated by this merchandise.

Click here to access the detailed results for the 2015 Back to School FINdex

Originally published on October 15th, 2015

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